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Why I Left Facebook et al. and You Should Too

Since @GooglePlus is shutting down on the 2nd of April I'm going to delete my #Facebook, #Instagram and #WhatsApp accounts on that day. I haven't been using them for a while now except #Messenger anyways. I'll try to move conversations to Signal/iMessage/email #ByeByeMark 😉 pic.twitter.com/TYE593mghY — Johan Karlsteen (@jkarlsteen) February 8, 2019 Introduction Ever since that GDPR date last year I’ve thinking a lot about social media and especially Facebook and Instagram.

Migrating from Wordpress to Hugo

About a year ago a friend made fun of me when I said I was using Wordpress, apparently Wordpress was not that hot anymore and he started talking about Hugo. Hugo is a static site generator where you write your posts in markdown and a generator written in Go generates your site as static content. There are some benefits here: You don’t rely on a database and an internet connection when writing a draft post You can host the site in an S3 bucket which means you don’t have to have a Linux server.

Mass deleting picklist values in Salesforce with AJAX javascript hack (2018 version)

More than 5 years ago I wrote an article on how to Mass delete Picklist values in Salesforce, this is still my most visited article and I have been meaning to get back to it for years. At least now it seems like it will be a part of the standard functionality sometime in the near future (mass delete picklist values (setup)) but today I had to do this at a customer so I had to solve it once again.

Streaming Steam games from Amazon EC2 to Steam Link over OpenVPN tunnel featuring Pfsense and VMware

Oh have I longed to write this blog post, ever since I bought a Steam Link for myself as a christmas gift I’ve been wanting to make use of it. I’m the kind of person who sometimes (a bit too often) buys stuff first and motivates the purchase later (sometimes with a bit too much infrastructure). Anyways this blog post was a starting point for me: Revised and much faster, run your own high-end cloud gaming service on EC2!

Exporting Salesforce Files (aka ContentDocument)

Last week a client asked me to help out, we had been creating a system that creates PDF files in Salesforce using Drawloop (today known as Nintex Document Generation which is a boring name). Anyways, we had about 2000 PDF created in the system and after looking into it there doesn’t seem to be a way to download them in bulk. Sure you can use the Dataloader and download them but you’ll get the content in a CSV column and that doesn’t really fly with most customers.