Why you should have a theme song (or why it is important to be happy at work)

Posted by Johan on Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Long time no see, a lot has happened and at the moment I work in Stockholm and live in a basement which is perfect.

I have thought about this many times before and this morning it struck me once again: You should have a theme song in your head when you wake up and on your way to work.

Say what? Is probably the sane reaction to my last sentence but let me explain.

I love what I do and I really like my job more or less every day but somedays it just feels like I don’t wanna get out of the bed, walk 15 minutes, take a train, take a bus and finally reach my destination for some free breakfast. On other days I wake up feeling invincible, like I could take on the world with my bare hands and on my way to work on those days I get in the mood listening to music.

I have a lot of friends who only show up at work to get their paycheck which is really sad, after a couple of years they have a house (mortgage), kids, a car and a wife and they still go to the same job to get the money to support all of it. This is of course very good and I don’t think they’re unhappy since they value their life outside of the workplace more than the actual work.

But for me my job has always been a big part of my life and if I don’t feel like going to work for a long period of time I really have to find a new job. If I’m unhappy where I spend at least 40 hours a week I will be unhappy the rest of the time and this will affect everyone around me.

So I’m so happy when I wake up feeling like: “cue Rocky theme” (Eye of the tiger) and I get ready for work listening to The Transformers soundtrack or equivalent.

And if you haven’t woken to you personal theme song (yes you can choose your own) in a long time then you should at least considering changing something in your life because a life with a theme song is a good life.