Given the exchange rate for dollars and my never ending need for toys I got a Kindle yesterday. During unboxing I thought that they had glued the instructions onto the screen until I realized that it was the screen.

The books I have bought on the iPad earlier synced right in and it remembered which page I was reading.

My hope is that it will help me start reading regular books again and I really like the idea that I can buy a book anywhere (where there is 3G coverage) and get it delivered instantly. Also nice that I can listen to my audible books and buy new ones.

I really hope that there will never be an Angry Birds for the Kindle.

Hopefully the weather this summer will allow both reading and use of my brand new airconditioner 🙂

2 thoughts on “Kindle

  1. I have considered getting a Kindle. Books are heavy and the postman can’t seem to get them here soon enough 🙂

    Is the reading experience any good?

    • So far I have only started reading a classic but it feels natural reading on it compared to the iPad or a computer screen.

      I really like the idea that I can buy/download a new book via 3G whe{n,re}ever I feel like it without the need for a computer or wlan.

      Drop by and i can give you a quick demo 😉

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